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Motolube Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 10W-30

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Motolube Semi-Synthetic Petrol Engine Oil is a balanced blend of top quality mineral and synthetic base stocks, producing high-quality engine oil with the properties of the semi-synthetic technology. It’s naturally higher lubricity offer lower internal friction for reduced engine wear.

Its low viscosity offers improved flow rates and hydraulic tappet performance during cold start and engine idling, a problem with many higher viscosity oils. It offers excellent stay in grade performance for today’s modern multi-valve engine.

Motolube Semi-Synthetic Petrol Engine Oil Feature:

  • Fuel saving.
  • Excellent start-up performance prevents sludge build-up and controls oxidation.
  • Optimum power & performance under most severe driving conditions.
  • Fully compatible with all emission control devices and all gasoline grades.

Motolube Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 10W-30 API SN is a premium automotive motor oil that protects against deposit and sludge formation and provides excellent wear protection to critical engine parts.This oil is formulated with high-quality base stocks and robust additive packages to protect against deposit and sludge formation in stop-and-go driving sustained high-temperature operation, and protects against corrosion.


  • Excellent anti-wear protection
  • Protection against thermal breakdown 
  • Clean engines and positive crankcase ventilation systems resulting in minimal deposits under heavy load and stop-and-go driving conditions.

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