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Gas Tip Torch and MAPP gas MAPPGAS

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Single Torch Single Torch for Brazing Job, especially for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Electronic ignitor to start up the torch w/o using lighter Matching all common Mapp Gas in the market.Mapp Gas Gas for Brazing job Max. Temp can reach 3600F pair with all common Mapp Gas Can in the market 

USA Single Torch 207ST with Lighter


  • Self-Ignition 
  • Nozzle Swivels  360
  • Made of Brass and Stainless Steel 
  • Dual gas MAPP or PROPANE 
  • Fits all standard MAPP or PROPANE TANK
  • 100% Fire Tested


  1. Brazing & soft soldering 
  2. Oxygen cylinder is not needed
  3. CGA600 connection
  4. High working temperature 
  5. Abjustable pressure

USA Single Torch 208DT


  • Double barrel tip 
  • Both nozzles swivels 360"
  • Brass Body for Longer Life Expectancy
  • Dual gas MAPP or PROPANE 
  • Fits all Standard MAPP or PROPANE TANKS