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Blue Drum 200L Recycle

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Blue drum 200L are a classic sight in warehouses, storage containers and transport facilities across the world. 

These rigid, sturdy containers are perfect for holding large quantities of goods, from oils and food through to hazardous waste and dangerous chemicals. 

But there are two fundamental varieties of blue plastic drum to choose between, and it’s important to know which best meets your needs. 

The two types of plastic drum you need to consider are open top and double ring drums. 


An open-head plastic drum is also known as an open-top plastic drum, for the simple reason that the top lid can be completely removed. 

Open Top plastic drums can be left open-topped (with no lid), or sealed with a secure lid and fastenings for transport or storage purposes.

The container will be filled, and emptied, from the top because it is the only opening. 

This style of plastic drum comes in a wide variety of different sizes, ranging from small 30-litre drums through to large 220-litre models. 

Open Top plastic drums are durable, resilient, and strong enough to hold hazardous waste. 


A tight-head plastic drum is sealed at the top and bottom. They have a closed head, meaning that there’s no removable lid at either end. 

Double Ring plastic drums are therefore completely sealed, aside from one or two designated openings that are used to funnel liquids in or out. These small openings are themselves sealed with a bung or a similar, secure stopper. 

Because they’re sealed, tight-head drums are often thought to be more secure than open-head plastic drums. They are manufactured in a narrower range of sizes, from 120 litres through to 220

Available in recycle units only. contact us for more info.