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CMS Portland Limestone Cement

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Portland Limestone Cement | GENERAL PURPOSE CEMENT 

MS EN 197-1 : 2014 - CEM II / A-L 32.5 N

Portland  Limestone  Cement,  is  an  eco-friendly  product,  manufactured  by grinding clinker, gypsum and high quality limestone under stringent quality control. It is ground to a higher newness resulting in better water retention, cohesiveness and higher work-ability in mortar and concrete.

Bintulu CMS Portland Cement 50kg Application:

  • General Concrete Structures
  • Plastering
  • Bricklaying
  • Tiling
  • Floor Topping
  • Brickmaking
  • Road Binding
  • Floor Screeding
  • Soil Stabilisation Binder


  • 50kg
  • In Bulk

Bintulu CMS Portland Cement 50kg Benefit:

  • Better Work-ability
  • Smoother Finishing
  • Improve Cohesiveness
  • Reduce Bleeding
  • Easy to Mix
  • Improve Slump Retention
  • Eco-Friendly Product
  • Good Flow-ability

Health and Safety: 

  • The product is safe to use   
  • Wear gloves, in case of prolonged skin contact   
  • In the event of contact with the skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with clean water  
  • If irritation persists, seek medical attention


Cement should be stored in a dry place and elevated from the ground or stored in silos

cms cement mixing guide.JPG

OPC Cement Available now: 42.5N

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