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Hardex MS 8000 Premium Modified Hybrid Sealant

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HARDEX MS 8000 (PREMIUM MODIFIED HYBRID SEALANT-CONSTRUCTION GRADE) is single component low modulus hybrid sealant developed with MS technology. Offers various applications to a broad range of substances such as steel, aluminium, glass, concrete and wood with excellent adhesion even without primer.Applicable and tooled under almost all weather condition and compatible with most type of common industrial paints. It also has UVand temperature resistance with no cracking failure.


  • Paintable
  • Fast curing
  • Low modulus
  • Excellent elasticity and flexibility
  • High bonding strength
  • Interior and exterior used
  • Free of solvent and isocyanate
  • Can be applied on wet surfaces
  • Superior UV, weather and high temperature resistance



  • Apply at building and construction.
  • Indoor and outdoor door and window frame.
  • Aluminium panel.


Bus, Container, Concrete, Metal frame, Aluminium, Caravan, Wood, Natural stone, Glass, Trailer, Yatch, Construction, Ventilating duct, Steel


1. Surface must be clean, dry and frost free for proper adhesion.

2. Fill deep joints or voids with solid filler to ½” of surface.

3. Cut off tip of cartridge and nozzle. Screw on nozzle to cartridge. Cut nozzle to desired bead thickness at 45° angle. Insert cartridge into stand caulking gun.

4. For smooth seal, hold at 45° angle and apply by pushing sealant ahead of nozzle.

5. Excess material can be trimmed with knife or cleaned with toluene or methly ehtylketone (M.E.K)

Color : White / Grey / Black