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Mr McKenic Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry)

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Mr McKenic® – Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry) is a cleaning solvent for removing dust, dirt deposits, etc from contact points, sensitive surfaces containing circuitry or PCB boards. 

Product features:

  • Cleans Precision Electronic Parts 
  • Degreases 
  • Removes Dirt & Flux 
  • Improves Electrical Conductivity 
  • Fast Drying 
  • Safe On Most Surfaces 
  • CFC Free

Application for use:

Cleans Electronic Parts

Removes dust, dirt and other small particles from PCB boards, motherboards, switchboards of CPUs, phones, ATM machines, credit card swipe machines and other electronic devices. 

Removes Dirt and Flux

Cleans stubborn stains due to flux deposits, oxidation or corrosion from contact points exposed to weather conditions over prolonged periods. 


Breaks down grease, grime, ink and other contaminants commonly found in electric motors, printer rollers, inkjet/toner cartridges, metal bearings and other moving metal parts. 

Improves Electrical Conductivity

Improves conductivity between contact points of power/data connectors, battery connectors, switchboards, relays, cable connections and other terminal points. 

Direction for use:

  1. Shake Can well before use. 
  2. Test plastic surface before use. 
  3. Switch off power supply before spraying onto the electrical or electronic components. 
  4. Apply Mr McKenic®- Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry) onto the area to be treated. 
  5. Attach the extension tubing to reach inaccessible areas. 
  6. Brush or dust away the contaminants using a brush if necessary. 
  7. Re-apply daily or weekly depending on application.

NOTE: For small components or sensitive areas, spray onto a dry clean cloth and wipe over it.

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